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What You'll Get

  1. 7 Weekly Group Meetings - each group will have a maximum of 8 people who will meet via the Zoom app (like Skype, but better) - if you can't attend one of the groups, there will be a private video sent out to those who missed it.
  2. Daily Emails with course questions, prompts, and encouragement
  3. Lifelong Membership to the Emily Ann's Private Backstage Bravery Facebook group
  4. .pdf download of the Creative Courage workbook
  5. Emily Ann's reading list (not required reading, but helpful for later!)


  • You'll get the audio book and .pdf download of my upcoming book Rainbows Die & Unicorns Fart: Creative Courage When Sh*t Hits The Fan
  • MP3 download of Cello Yoga
  • MP3 download of Emily Ann Peterson's live EP
  • MP3 download of Velveteen


$85 (will be $150+)


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    About Emily Ann Peterson

    Emily Ann Peterson owes her life to the practice of daily expression. From junior high through her early 20's Emily Ann Peterson battled a life-threatening eating disorder. She conquered the consuming darkness of mental illness through a combination of assistance from mental health professionals and a daily practice of creative expression. 

    In 2013 she was diagnosed with an Essential Tremor in her right hand which forever altered her livelihood as a cello teacher and transformed her life's love of expression into writing songs. Thus began her career as a singer/songwriter.  

    Emily Ann Peterson is a speaker, teacher, musician, writer, and singer/songwriter based out of the Pacific Northwest.