Commission: Cover Song

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Emily Ann Peterson-jpgs-0082.jpg

Commission: Cover Song


Say It. Again.

Maybe Kanye's version didn't cut it? (We won't tell him.) Maybe you'd want a softer version of Maybe Sarah Mclachlan didn't have your puppy in mind when she wrote "Angel." There is a song out there for almost every occasion, but some songs haven't been written, yet. 

Music is deeply personal and I would personally love to cover a song for you or your loved ones. 

Here are some ideas...

  • Celebrating a momentous occasion (proposals! retirement!)
  • Marking life milestones (anniversaries! births! graduations!)
  • Expressing overwhelming feelings (falling in/out of love, breakups, saying goodbye, moving on...)
  • Remembering what matters most (forgiveness, easing grief, family...) 

How It Works

I will call. We will talk. Details will be discussed. Dates will be set. & You'll get a cover song.

Have more questions? Feel free to send me an email:

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