PRE-ORDER: Your Name In The Liner Notes

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1 LinerNotes -
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PRE-ORDER: Your Name In The Liner Notes

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Just Want to Help Out?

Dude, that's really nice of you. As a thank you, I'll want to put your name (or someone else's) in the liner notes and give you an early access listening link!

Cool, huh?!

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Make It Real!

The album is written. (yay!) All the songs and instruments are recorded and tracked. (yay!) All the pieces are edited. (yay!)  

Five rather expensive steps remain...

  1. Mixing - wherein all the sounds expertly folded together
  2. Mastered - wherein each song is professionally adjusted to suit everykind of speaker in existence
  3. Manufacturing - wherein I receive a box of gorgeously designed merchandise to give you
  4. Distribution - wherein the tracks are uploaded onto all the online stores
  5. Marketing - wherein I and my team slave over press releases, mailers, emails, interviews, and more

I know there are a lot of you waiting to get your hands on this beauty - I've received many anxious emails saying as much. ;) But, YEESH! This stuff is super expensive and it's been difficult to make my personal ends meet and find extra lumps of dough just hanging around.

Thankfully with the help of several generous patrons (like you!) we can fully funding the official release! Weeeee!

Now is your time to help make it real!

Pre-ordering at this level or more will get your name (or someone else's) in the liner notes and an early listening link!

quantity remaining: unlimited

2 AlbumDownload -

You sly thing! You're usurping iTunes! G'on wit' yo bad self. No waiting 'til the official release date. The same day I get the album, will be the same day you get the album, in your inbox.

quantity remaining: unlimited

3 GiftCertificate -

Physical CD? T-Shirt? Tote Bag? You choose! With your album download, you'll receive a $15 coupon to use on any item of merchandise in my online store. The coupon expires March 10th, 2017, so you'll have plenty of time to make your decision.

quantity remaining: 200


The early album download will magically arrive in your email inbox and then a hand-written copy of the song lyrics (the title track, "Velveteen") will arrive in your snail mailbox. I'll even use fancy gel pens on fancy scrapbooking paper.

Totes frame-worthy. 

quantity remaining: 100

5 CoverSong -

Maybe Kanye's version didn't cut it? (We won't tell him.) Maybe you'd want a sensitive take on a Trent Reznor song? Maybe Sarah Mclachlan didn't have your puppy in mind when she wrote "Angel." You pick the song. I'll record it.

I will call. We will talk. Details will be discussed. Dates will be set. & You will get a cover song in the style of yours truly.

quantity remaining: 24

6 OriginalSong -

There is a song out there for almost every occasion, but some songs haven't been written, yet. Music is deeply personal and I would personally love to write a song for you or your loved ones. (proposals! anniversaries! births! falling in love! wedding vows! forgiveness! and so many more reasons to write a song!)

I will call. We will talk. Details will be discussed. Dates will be set. & You will get an original song written by yours truly.

quantity remaining: 12