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Benefactors come in all shapes and sizes.

Outside of my Patrons, the following is an incomplete list of those who have helped to propel my art and music. 

Diane Kroll: 16-Day Artist Residency (Seattle, WA)

Nicole Woltersdorf: 10-day Artist Residency (Whidbey Island, WA)

Anonymous: 7-Day Artist Residency (Orcas Island, WA)

Mandy Troxel: Concert Host (Orcas Island, WA)

Susan House: 4-Day Artist Residency & Vehicle Maintenance (Apple Hill, CA)

Clare Ferguson: House Concert Host (Pasadena, CA)

Timothy Graves: House Concert Host (San Diego, CA)

Jonas & Anita Gushurst: 24-Day Artist Residency (Seattle, WA)

James Lenhardt: Disc Manufacturing & 4-Day Artist Residency (Seattle, WA)

Anonymous: Disc Manufacturing

Feed253: Songwriting Nutrition

Victoria Hankwich: Piano! (Tacoma, WA)

Anonymous: Songwriting Workshop Fee/Lodging/Meals (Plain, WA)

Grünewald Guild: 6-week Artist Residency (Plain, WA)

Nick Herring: iMac 21.5inch 2.7 GHz

Martin Family: Roland Keyboard

Kye Alfred Hillig: Condenser Mic

Peterson Family: Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic

Karen Scwartzbauer: Wireless Printer 

Amy Johnson: Pencil Mic Shockmount

Samdhana-Karana Yoga: Low Profile Boom Stand

Three Trees Yoga: Mic Stand & Headphones

Cliff Rosson: Recording Interface

Chris Burlingame: Headphones

Nelson Family: Headphones

Kathryn Hillig: Mic Cables

Meg Brennand: Keyboard Cover

Tammy Scarlett: Studio Floor Lamp

Tara Ward: Studio Floor Lamp

Anonymous: Boomerang Phrase Sampler

Anonymous: Fishman Amplifier