So Here’s Your Challenge.

It’s pretty simple, really.

1) Express yourself every day for at least 15 minutes.

You might not create anything note-worthy. 
Some days this will look like a stream-of-consciousness. 
Some days it will be a to-do list. 
Some days it might turn into the beginnings of something else. 
Some days the expression might be a whisper, while the other days it’ll be a ROAR. 

You might unearth a cave of complaints. 
Your expression might reveal inspiration and hope. 
It might be dark and heavy.

Whatever it is. Set your timer. Write. Doodle. Draw. Dance. Play. Express yourself for 15 minutes.

2) Start With A Blank Slate.

So maybe your life has reached the point wherein you have nothing ‘good’ to offer the world, you NEED that blank canvas. You need to have a safe place to vomit up your greivances, gripes, and terror. 

So maybe the beauty of life is nowhere to be found. Relishing in the freshness of the page, the comfort of a simple scale, space available to move - Taking up that blank space can be your beauty for the day.

So maybe life is so completely hectic, it’s hard to schedule your own breath into the day. The blank slate gets to become a place for your brain to slough off the haze of anxiety.

Maybe life is fine and dandy, bright and shiny. We still need moments to recognize that everything is a-okay.

This expression ends up being the mudroom of the house. It’s the place where you can stomp off all the dirt that’s clung for dear life to your feet. Take off your shoes. Unwrap the scarfs wrapped around your neck. Take off your gloves. Shed your protective layers and step into the house with warm feet.

3) End With A Blank Slate.

When the buzzer has rung, and your allotted time is up, be kind enough to delete it. Leave no trace. Throw it in the wood stove. Erase it. 

This daily blank slate is the starkest form of kindness and compassion you can offer yourself and in turn the world. 

Pretty simple, huh?

I wrote and put together this book for you, because I’ve learned that some days these three steps will be easier said than done. 

Some days we need a little prompting.
Some days it’s easier to get going after an introduction.
Some days we need a little nudge.
Some days all we need is one word to get us started. 
Some days we need someone to give us a tiny buffet of creative bits to choose from. 
Some days we need the pressure to jump off the diving board a little faster.
Some days we need a tough question to find the tough answers.

So for the next 7 weeks, you’ll get an email every day. Each email will contain [insert items here.]

---- FAQ’s ----

***What happens when I realize I want to keep something from my 15 minutes?***

Go ahead! Just transfer it into another form for safe-keeping. 

All I ask is that you stand by the promise of a blank slate for tomorrow.

If the idea for a novel reveals itself to you during your daily expression, awesome! Just make sure that your 15 minutes doesn’t become tomorrow’s “Novel-writing Time.” 

***Yeah right, like I’m gonna wake up 15 minutes before work. or before my kiddo does.***

You can do this expression at anytime of the day. I prefer mornings because of my personality, but the notion of a blank space to express yourself still stands at 3pm or 10pm. 

*** But... EVERY day?! ***

I realize no one’s perfect and sometimes life starts going faster and earlier than we do.

But I beg you, keep the daily blank slate sacred. I would hope that you can start your blank slate without the self-judgement of “I haven’t done this in __ days, I must be a terrible person.”

The guilt isn’t worth it. Just pick it back up from “today” and you’ll be fine.

However, yep. Daily is ideal. There’s way too much research out there to not stand by a daily practice.